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What is Asana?

Asana is a digital to-do list that helps you save time and run your business more efficiently. Strictly speaking, it's a project management software.

Asana is great for service-based businesses, and here at Coellaborations we use it to keep all our client work organised.

Small Businesses

Service Providers



Why should I
use it? 

Do you live in fear of losing that all-important notebook containing all your client work? 

Have you noticed things are starting to fall through the cracks or you're struggling to keep on top of your busy workload? 

It's probably time for you to get organised and get systems in place that will help your business to grow. That's where Asana comes in. 


Learning a new piece of tech can be intimidating.

But trust us,

Asana is easy once you know how!

We've created a FREE guide to help you get started with the basics of using Asana. 

You'll learn what's what in Asana and a few key tips to help you get off the ground and

start getting organised. 

Simply enter your details below to receive this FREE download. 

Click here to download


You might need someone to hold your hand and show you how to navigate Asana step by step,

and that's ok! 

At Coellaborations, we believe in empowering people to feel confident using technology. 

Join trusted techie and Asana expert Naomi Coe for one of our FREE webinars.


If you've been using Asana for a while and are feeling good about the basics, you're probably ready to take this powerful tool to the next level. 

We've designed a BRAND NEW online course specifically for service-based businesses that work on a project basis.

You'll learn how to design the ultimate client project in Asana and implement a repeatable process that will enable your business to scale.

FOR THE RECORD: Coellaborations operates completely independently, we don't receive any commission or kick back for recommending Asana or any of the other project management tools we work with! 

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