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COELLABORATIONS was founded by Naomi Coe.
Fortunately, entrepreneurship and tech skills run in the family as she is supported by siblings Hannah and Lou Coe. 

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Hi, I'm Naomi Coe.  

After studying Law at University, I landed in San Francisco USA, in the heart of the Silicon Valley tech scene. It didn't take long for me to realise that I wanted to work at the cutting-edge of technology and I spent the next decade working for various enterprise software start-ups. 

It was during this time I learned of the myriad of technologies available to support businesses and was tasked with sourcing, implementing and managing many of them. I get excited by creating awesome customer experiences and am well versed in using technology to make sure internal operations run smoothly.

I founded COELLABORATIONS to help SMEs and growing businesses take advantage of the wealth of enterprise software available.   

My other gig? I work as Chief Operating Officer of a busy family of five.

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If you'd like to learn more about Coellaborations and how we might work together, simply book a no-obligation discovery call with Naomi.

I look forward to talking more! 



I love using SaaS technologies to solve real business problems. With more than a decade of experience customizing and implementing software, I'm confident that we can set you up for success. 

I also get excited about connecting the dots between different technologies and am available for integration support. 


Great software is useless if you and your team don't know how to use it. My goal is to give you the training and support to be able to fully utilize the tools we put in place. For me, training people how to realize the power of technology is the fun part! 


Is your business made up of multiple people or teams? I also have experience connecting the dots to avoid organizational silos. From basic communication tools to online documentation and workflows. Let's get everyone on the same page and working toward the your core business objectives. 


With so many options available on the market, finding the right software can be daunting. I want to get close to your business and help you understand your requirements so that we can find the right software to meet your needs.  

And for the record, I work as an independent technology advisor. Any software we recommend is based on extensive research and personal experience. No kick-backs!


Creating awesome customer experiences is at the heart of what we do at Coellaborations. I spent 5 years leading a B2B SaaS team that lived and breathed our customer experience. You too can understand and champion your customers by leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as customer relationship management (CRM), customer loyalty, and customer support software. 

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