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What are Software Iterations?

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

The iterative design process means continually tweaking and evolving software until you get it right. Each iteration represents one software development cycle and an opportunity to try something out, testing to see what works and learning from what doesn't!

This question came up recently as we were working through the design for a new Customer Loyalty Program for Brighton Lace.

Having a direct feedback loop from customers and incorporating these insights into any given iteration can also help to make rapid improvements. For example, when we first released the new Customer Loyalty program for Brighton Lace, we tried different images and messaging to see what resonated best.

With Software as a Service or SaaS products, there are many different ways to set things up. That means there is a real opportunity to iterate that often goes overlooked. In the early days, you can make changes and experiment to see what works best for your business. The key is to apply your learnings from each prior iteration and to do so relatively quickly. We also recommend you do this with a small group of test users to capture that all-important feedback and avoid any disruption.

Working through the iterative process is all part of the fun for us here at Coellaborations. If you need help implementing your next software solution and are up for giving software iterations a try, simply contact us to talk more.

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