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Compete? No…Collaborate!

As the saying goes, two heads are always better than one when it comes to solving problems. Which is why, with the New Year now upon us, we’re excited to officially announce that Chris Lewry of Pincus Solutions and Naomi Coe of Coellaborations are joining forces to provide a team like no other!

This new team will be working with progressive business leaders to resolve their challenges using the very best software solutions. Together, Naomi and Chris will ensure they understand the business needs before sourcing the right software. Not only will they then configure and implement the chosen software to your exact requirements, but, most importantly, ensure that everyone is trained how to use it and that the new solution and processes are adopted across the business.

Why two women providing software solutions are better than one!

What do you get when a mutual connection puts two women in contact who in theory are competing in the same area of expertise; software solutions consulting? It started with a candid Zoom conversation, followed by coffee (in a pub), then a quasi-Christmas party of dinner with wine. It evolved to become a formidable team!

During the course of these discussions, it quickly became apparent that not only had Naomi and Chris each found a kindred spirit among the rare breed than are women in tech, they shared similar backgrounds and a common philosophy in the way that they work with clients.

Chris has been translating 'Geek' to 'Human' since 1996 and has a varied background working in all aspects of software from implementation to training, adoption, and support. She believes that technology should provide a tool to make tasks easier, enhance the way that you can work and complete tasks, not be the cause of stress and frustration.

Naomi spent the last 10 years working in the US tech scene and was immersed in software design, implementation, and improving her customer’s experience using software. She also worked to scale companies by developing new processes and implementing supporting technologies.

Naomi is passionate about empowering women through technology and having recently moved back to the UK, she founded Coellaborations to help women solve their technology headaches and use software to grow their businesses.

Instead of eying the competition and putting up their guards, Naomi and Chris quickly realised they collectively had a lot to offer their clients and that many projects could benefit from working with a strong team so, they engaged in a frank and open discussion that led them to join forces. They are excited to announce that they’ll be working together to provide the very best in software solutions consulting for 2022 and can’t wait for their first project to kick-off!

Naomi and Chris are feeling confident that between their combined experience and extensive range of software know-how, they can find a solution to any business problem in 2022. Because they believe that when two women come together, working to their individual strengths, it has to be a win-win situation for everyone involved!

If you’d like to learn more about what it means to work with this new team, simply contact us today to book a free, no-obligation consultation.

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